“The Eleven House: the house in the Empordà that awakens your sensibility.
Rediscover your relationship with time and activate all your senses.”

Design, art, culture, yoga, mindfulness: a house to be experienced with the emotions.

• TIME •

Time is a luxury at The Eleven House.

It is the great good about which we hardly know anything but which determines our lives.
We know nothing about the colour and size of this element, but we do know that it is flexible and malleable.
We do not know how to measure or weigh this material, but we do know that it is scarce or eternal, or perhaps both.


“We cannot give you time, but we can enable you to enjoy it with sensibility and mindfulness.”


Sensibility consists of seeing the beauty in the imperfections of our day-to-day lives.

Sensibility is looking at nature from a different viewpoint, as if you had woken up in the middle of a forest and the first thing your eyes saw was a glimmer of light among the leaves of the trees.

You will discover a new sensibility at The Eleven House. Awaken it in our house

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You will find our Onze ceramic collection, our own the Eleven House fragance, the Yogatribe ecological yoga mats that we distribute exclusively in Europe, textiles, lamps, kitchen and bathroom products… And a small, carefully selected selection of books to work on self-knowledge and your relationship with nature.

Carrer Major, 11
Marquès de Robert, 5
Peratallada, 17113

  • P: +34 972 966 051
  • E: info@theelevenhouse.com

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