The House


The house

Home is not a place; it’s a feeling.

The Eleven House is a space where you will feel good without being able to find the mot juste to define exactly what it is that brings such a sensation of wellbeing. We will tell you about the invisible elements: you will feel them, but even then, you will be hard put to describe them… as we are.

  • A mission

    We have been working on the design and interior architecture of The Eleven House to ensure that it is a comfortable, sensorial place in all its facets – design boutique, art gallery, workshop and event space – and allows the emotions to flow.

    It is an exclusive Susanna Cots design.

  • A manifiesto

    The Eleven House is born of reflection and action. Of how we connect to nature and how we work to achieve our fullest self-awareness.

    The beauty of asymmetry

    We are thrilled to create a space that, in itself and thanks to its own imperfection, is capable of stimulating creativity.

    Connection with nature

    We find the well-being to grow fully within ourselves and with others in nature, which is the base of all our experience in The Eleven House.

    The embrace of history

    The numerous layers of the house contain a little bit of history that helps us to a better understanding of where we come from and marks a respectful path into the future.

  • A curiosity

    With the passage of time, one of the interior walls – the one that bounds the back garden and which we are restoring with care – has been integrated with part of the old medieval wall of Peratallada.

    After an exhaustive archaeological study, we discovered that the portion of wall that runs through The Eleven House is part of the walled city of Peratallada dating from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, although repairs were also made in the fourteenth-fifteenth centuries.

    Having the good fortune to be embraced by history makes us feel privileged and eager to share this emotion with you.

How to enjoy our house


After that you could visit our little gallery where you will find exhibitions curated with the same loving care as the rest of the house.

The second floor is our most versatile area.

An art gallery that hosts vernissages every two months of artists with whom we fall in love, a room for our yoga classes and, if you would like, a space for your events.

Our house is your house and making you feel at home is the reason we created it. It is a versatile place that adapts to your creativity. Your meetings, product presentations, training sessions, talks, courses… you will find what you need for your brand: exclusivity, flexibility and differentiation.

Talk to us and we will find the formula to hold a perfect event in The Eleven House.


You can visit our boutique with direct access from the main street of Peratallada and buy attrezzo, design objects by leading slow-design brands and our own designs born of observation, stillness and attention to those tiny day-to-day rituals.

Lamps, crockery, textiles, candles, ecological yoga mats and selected products with the exclusive care demanded by the room and the house. You will also find a small bookshop with illustrated volumes that connect us with nature and the joy of living the moment.