Slow Declaration of Intention


Our slow philosophy: declaration of intention

The eleven house is by reflection and action. By how we connect to nature and how we work to discover our most mindful, fully-realised self. 

From Home-Studio to
Declaration of Intention

A project that began as an interior architecture centre for our studio in the Empordà has evolved into a life project, a declaration of intention of our way of seeing and sharing life itself.

The beauty of asymmetry

We are thrilled to create a space that, thanks to its inherent imperfection, is in itself capable of stimulating creativity.

Connection with nature

We find the wellness to grow properly with ourselves and with others in nature. Nature is the basis of the entire experience at The Eleven House.

The embrace of history

The numerous layers of the dwelling contain a fragment of history that provides a better understanding of where we come from and plots a respectful path into the future.

This is the way we understand life and what we share in The Eleven House, a home-studio where you will find wabi-sabi inspiration, immerse yourself in history, feel nature at first hand, pervade yourself with energy, celebrate art and culture and deploy your mindfulness. An invitation to focus on the here and now.